Partnering with CETLOE’s learning experience designers, Studio at CETLOE provides GSU faculty access to professional multimedia production services, including graphic design, video production, and animation. We can assist with anything from do-it-yourself consultations to full-scale media production for showcase courses and programs.

Our recording spaces include a fully equipped video studio, two audio and screen-capture studios, and an enhanced learning classroom studio. We can also shoot video on location, create virtual environments, construct interactive 3D models, and more! Check out some of our work below.



Course Introduction

Introduce your course and yourself to your online students for a more connected learning community

On Location / Virtual Field Trips

A video that allows students to experience an off campus location

Motion Graphics / Animation

Short, engaging videos to introduce the basic concepts, vocabulary, and theme(s) for a section of your course

Demonstrations(Hands On / Lab Exercises)

Step-by-step visual instructions can greatly enhance performance transfer.

Scenario / Fiction

Narrative based media puts the viewer in the situation creating a “Real Life” environment

Interviews and Discussions

Subject matter expert interviews or panel discussion videos can offer a variety of perspectives on a topic

Interactive Elements

Interactive infographic image

Interactive Infographic

Visualized data that incorporates dynamic interactive elements

3D Models

Give your students sculpted or photo-generated 3D models to turn and inspect – all through the computer

360 Video

An immersive VR experience can raise student engagement and increase retention

GigaPan 360

Ultra High Resolution 360 Degree photography with the possibility of interactive provocations

Traditional Production

Here are some of our more conventional video lectures

Voice-Over Powerpoint

Synch the audio of your lecture with your Powerpoint presentation in our sound studio

Screen Capture

Record your audio lecture as you capture your screen activity


Course lectures shot in our green-screen studio or on location


Visualize complex data with unique and clear design

Virtual White Board Lecture

Speak to the camera while writing notes or equations on a Virtual Whiteboard using our Wacom tablet

Lightboard Lecture

Create a unique look to your whiteboard lecture with a transparent board and neon markers

Advice from Studio at CETLOE

How to Prepare for a Video ShootSome important things to think about before you arrive in our studios for your greenscreen production

How to Shoot Video in Your Home or Office

Some tips for developing the highest quality video from your home or office

Script Guidelines and Checklist

Guidelines for the script writing of online courses

Media Profiles for Online Learning

A guide for the best uses of video in an online courses

Guide to Using Images From Online Sources

A guide for the use on images found online in online instruction

How Should I Use Video in My Online Course

A guide for the use of video in an online course


What’s Your Story?

Faculty Spotlights Produced at