Learning Community Development (LCD) is a department under the Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning & Online Education (CETLOE) at Georgia State University.

Our mission is to curate culturally responsive programming for GSU students and faculty. These programs develop interdisciplinary relationships across the University and Atlanta community. The following are our current initiatives: Teaching for Social Justice and Democracy, PantherHackers, Digital Learners to Leaders, and Development Innovation Leadership Team.

Learning Community Development at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Digital Leaders to Learners

Digital Learners to LeadersDigital Learners to Leaders is an initiative for student-led teams to create digital solutions to real challenges that students identify. Students will grow digital skills and develop their portfolios with support and guidance from a diverse group of technology professionals in Atlanta’s education, business, government, and non-profit communities.

Learn More About the Digital Leaders to Learners  

Learn More About the Digital Leaders to Learners  

Development Innovation Leadership Team

The Development Innovation Leadership Team will give GSU students opportunities to increase their digital literacy and professional skills while working on real CETLOE projects. CETLOE teams will hire diverse sophomores and juniors, allowing students a few years to intern and gain worked-based experience while contributing to CETLOE teams’ success.

Insights on the Interns


Meet our Interns

Destiny Adams

Computer Science  |  Sophomore

Career Goal: To become a data science
engineer and entrepreneur.

Sarah Rose

Film & Media  |  Junior

Career Goal: To become a producer at an Atlanta-based film studio while continuing my freelance videography and photography business.

Amake Edubedike

Studio Art |  Junior

Career Goal: To work in an advertising/marketing company designing ad campaigns.

Adithya Venkatesh

Computer Science  |  Junior

Career Goal: To become a data scientist.

Aliyana Aris

Studio Art |  Freshman

Career Goal: To become a graphic designer and start my own brand.

Shafaat Huda

Computer Science  |  Senior

Career Goal: To obtain a master’s degree in computer science and work with a government agency.


PantherHackers is a student-led technology club at Georgia State University. They provide a technological playground for students interested in technology and innovation. A variety of events are hosted, such as workshops, hackathons, and weekly interest group meetings. PantherHackers is committed to advancing student learning and promoting inter-club unity at Georgia State University.