Simulcast Setup

Once you know that you are teaching in a simulcast classroom, you will need to schedule a recurring Webex meeting and notify CETLOE about your meeting details.

Step 1:

Login to iCollege:

Go into your course, and click Webex from the course navigation bar.

Use the Virtual Meeting option to schedule a recurring meeting through the end of the semester.

Step 2:

Login to GSU Meetings:

Select the meeting you created through iCollege.

Edit the meeting details so that you can turn off the Entry/Exit tone and enable auto-recording of your meetings.  Be sure to save your changes.

Locate your Meeting ID and Host Key information.  WRITE THIS INFORMATION DOWN!

Step 3:

Submit a ticket:

When you submit a ticket include your CampusID, Meeting ID, Host Key, as well as information on which campuses and rooms will be used for your simulcast class.

This final step will allow CETLOE to actually schedule the calls that connect rooms to Webex meetings.