Certificate of Mastery in Online Teaching

Mastering Online Teaching is the first of a series of workshops that leads to a Certificate of Mastery in Online Teaching. This 7-week online workshop provides participants with the basic tools to enable them to be effective online instructors. This course is for faculty who intend to teach a course that is fully online. However, those who want to teach a hybrid course or supplement their face-to-face courses with online activities may find this course useful as well.

This workshop has two tracks.

Certificate of Completion: The Certificate of Completion track is for participants who want to learn the basics of online teaching and are not specifically interested in teaching a fully online course. Assessments within this track are located in the workshop learning environment. They consist of participating in discussions, successfully passing quizzes and completing interactive activities within the course.

Certificate of Achievement: The Certificate of Achievement track is for participants who intend to teach in a fully online course and aspire to the Certificate of Mastery in Online Teaching. In addition to completing the activities for the Certificate of Completion track, participants in this track are required to complete a capstone project. All participants have an opportunity to select either track throughout the duration of the course.

Mastering Accessibility is one in a 4-week workshop that provides participants with information and activities that will enable them to create accessible content for an online course.  This course is intended for instructors who currently teach or plan to teach a course that is fully online.  However, those who want to teach a hybrid course or supplement their face-to-face courses with online activities may find this course useful as well.

Mastering Engagement is a 6-week, asynchronous online course offered via iCollege.

The course is divided into 5 modules and will provide an introduction to student engagement, along with an extensive overview of available tools integrated into iCollege that can aid in increasing student engagement in your course. The tools covered in this course are VoiceThread, Kaltura, Playposit, and WebEx. These tools support the concepts of observation and application, which are used to address the isolation and disconnection that are sometimes related to online teaching and learning. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define engagement from a pedagogical perspective, as it relates to online instruction.
  • Explain the benefits of increasing student engagement in an online course.
  • Describe the features of VoiceThread, Kaltura, Playposit and WebEx.
  • Describe best practices in using VoiceThread, Kaltura, Playposit, and WebEx.
  • Develop an activity that incorporates VoiceThread, Kaltura, Playposit and WebEx into your pedagogy.

The workshop will be available for 6 weeks. You may login any time during the 6 weeks. We encourage you to login daily and interact with other workshop participants in discussions.

Mastering Assessments is a supplemental workshop to the Mastering Online Teaching series. This 6-week, online course is offered via iCollege and provides participants with strategies to effectively assess students utilizing the basic assessment tools available within iCollege; including Assignment Submission Folders, Rubrics, Quizzes, Self Assessments, and Surveys.

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