Audio / Video Recording Studios


The CETLOE’s recording studios offer faculty and staff a quiet and technology-rich environment to create high-quality e-learning content. We have the resources to record podcasts, create screen captures, edit videos, and produce high-quality photos and other materials.

Video Recording Studio

Instructors can record a lecture or create learning objects for their classes using the video studio. The studio is a fully-functional turnkey studio that can capture videos from many different devices, including a document camera to capture 2D or 3D objects, a computer, a glassboard, or your own device. The video studio is fully staffed to facilitate recordings from conception to completion. We have two studios. One studio is located in CETLOE offices in Library South and another one is located on the Clarkston campus in CH2161.


Reservations are available from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. To schedule a recording studio appointment, email [email protected] or call 404-413-4700 during business hours.

Two Audio Recording Studios

audio-recording2The CETLOE has two audio recording studios that are sound-insulated, quiet rooms, equipped with tools that facilitate recording and editing of audio files. Each studio includes microphones, capture and edit software, and playback capabilities with unique software programs to enable you to record voice over PowerPoints, annotate screens, capture screens, and export movies for your course materials. CETLOE staff can assist you as needed as you use the audio studio.