ProctorU Live Online Proctoring

ProctorU provides a live proctored experience in a secure, online environment giving instructors and students an alternative to on-campus, proctored testing.

How Does ProctorU Work?

  1. A Faculty memeber registers an iCollege exam with ProctorU, including the name of the exam, availability, and how much time a student has to complete the test.
  2. Students schedule a time to take the exam, pay for the exam, then test that their computers have necessary software and hardware to ensure a secure testing environment.
  3. On the day of their appointment, students go to ProctorU and connect with their online proctor. The proctor will have the student validate their identity, review their testing environment, review rules for the exam, and then start the exam.
  4. When the exam begins, the proctor monitors the session for any violations and will report those to the instructor.
  5. Once the student submits the exam, the proctoring session ends!

Get Started

Create a ProctorU Account and register your iCollege exams.

How to Register an Exam with ProctorU 
Create a ProctorU account and schedule to take your iCollege exams in ProctorU

How to Take an Exam 

How Much Does ProctorU Cost?

The cost for a ProctorU exam is based on the length of each exam, and is paid by the student just before they begin the proctored experience.

Exam Length Price
60 minutes or less $15
61 – 120 minutes $19.75
121 – 180 minutes $25
181 minutes or more $30
Exams should be scheduled 72 hours or more in advance. There are additional fees for exams that are scheduled less than 72 hours in advance and cancellation fees may apply.