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Deliver online exams in a secure environment.

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Scheduling requests will be accepted up to a month before the start of each semester.

Exam Request Checklist

Please note that the proctored lab is at capacity for the Fall 2018 semester. We are accepting requests for Spring 2019 and beyond. You may also want to investigate
Proctor U or Lockdown Browser and Monitor.

Our proctored computer lab, located in Student Center East 315 is staffed by trained proctors, and equipped with software to ensure a controlled and secure testing environment for online exams.

Get Help Setting Up Your Course

Our instructional designers can help you set your course up to be proctored in our proctoring lab. Contact us by email at, or call 404-413-4339.


Faculty: Setting Up Your iCollege Quizzes to be Proctored
Exam Request Checklist
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