Learning Environments & Teaching Equipment


Learning Environments & Teaching Equipment

The CETL creates spaces and offers equipment to optimize the teaching environment for faculty and facilitate learning within and beyond the classroom.

Audio / Video Recording Studios

The CETL’s recording studios offer faculty and staff a quiet and technology-rich environment to create high-quality e-learning content.

CETL Learning Studio Reservations

The CETL’s Learning Studio offers instructors a comfortable, state-of-the-art meeting and event space.

Innovative & Active Learning Classrooms

Active Learning classrooms have enhanced technologies that give the instructor and students greater freedom to capture content in the space.

Proctoring Solutions

Multiple solutions are available to deliver online exams in a secure, proctored environment, including iCollege exams and quizzes.

Student Learning Labs

CETL helps support a number of labs that help extend the learning experience outside of the classroom.

Instructional Equipment Checkout

Instructors can check out equipment from CETL including items such as audio recorders, digital cameras, laser pointers, mics, lighting kits, projectors, laptops and tablets, and more.

Event Equipment

Equipment to support events is available to the university community.