User Experience Research and Design

CETLOE’s UX team provides consulting across the development cycle of product and service design projects. Specifically, we can help you:

  • Facilitate conversations around opportunities for your organization
  • Better understand the community you serve and their needs
  • Plan out, prototype, and develop designs for products and services
  • Validate design options for usability and effectiveness

Share  your  Voice  –  Join  a  Study!

  • DescriptionStudents and faculty are invited to participate in a usability research study evaluating iCollege’s navigation and homepage design. During this study, you will complete a series of tasks in iCollege and answer questions about your experience. We will record the screen, video from a webcam, and high-speed video from an eye gaze tracking device so that we can analyze your task completion behaviors and expressions as they relate to those behaviors. Participation is voluntary.
  • Incentive: $25 gift card
  • Time commitment: 45 minutes
  • Study dates: February 7-22
  • Location: CETLOE space downtown - 100 Library South
  • Participant eligibility: You are eligible to participate if you are currently teaching or enrolled in courses and are 18 years of age or older; do not wear glasses with more than one power (bifocals, trifocals, or progressives - e.g., Varilux); have never had corneal (e.g., LASIK, RK) surgery, cataract surgery, or intraocular implants; do not have photosensitive epilepsy or infrared-sensitive medical devices; and do not have eye movement or alignment abnormalities such as lazy eye, strabismus, or nystagmus.
  • Link to participate: join here. Also, please join our Participant Pool for early access to future studies.

  • Description: We are curious about how our faculty place teaching in the overall context of their career, and as such, how they find time to improve their teaching ability, where they look to improve their teaching, how all of that relates to their experience of using iCollege in whatever ways they do, and how they avoid feeling overwhelmed in the face of so many responsibilities. We will first start this study off with completely anonymous frank discussions with faculty across the campuses, which will serve as the basis for a wider survey of our faculty, so that we can ensure that CETLOE services are aligned to our faculty needs, desires, and time constraints.
  • Link to participate: Coming Soon

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CETLOE’s UX team can help your team brainstorm new ideas, work through wicked problems, or reflect on challenging experiences. Our workshops rely on approaches that generate new possibilities and encourage dialogue from diverse perspectives.

User Research 

No matter what level of help you need, CETLOE’s UX team can help you develop tools to learn more about the community you serve.

Product and Service Design

If you’ve done your research and are stuck trying to figure out how to turn that research into a product or service, we can assist in helping you create and test possible solutions before you actually go live with a final design.


Design Validation 

Once the design is agreed to, our UX team can validate the final product for usability using industry standard practice in our cutting-edge usability lab.



Our UX designs are built around a solid foundation of research. We utilize the following hardware and software to ensure that our insights have solid construct validity

  • Surveys and Preference Tests – Qualtrics
  • Think-Alouds and Interviews – WebEx and UserTesting
  • Card Sorting – UXTweak, Kardsort, and UXMetrics
  • A/B Testing, Preference Tests, etc – UX Tweak
  • Eye Tracking – Tobii Pro Fusion
  • Affect Tracking – Noldus Face Reader
  • Behavioral Coding – Noldus The Observer XT
  • Biometrics analysis – BioPac PPG and EDA
  • Figma/Sketch/Illustrator/Pixelmator Pro/Procreate
  • Miro/FigJam
  • WordPress

Confidentiality, Privacy, and Security

To match our ethics of prioritizing community as we develop GSU technologies and services, all of our studies are:

  • Open – No matter your campus, your enrollment status, or if you’re faculty or student, we will always have studies where we want to hear from
  • Beneficial – With your input, we can improve the learning environment for the full GSU community
  • Limited – We respect your privacy and will only ask your personal details when they will help to ensure our full community benefits from our our technologies and services
  • Secure – We don’t share your personal data with anyone, and all data requested is kept safe with the latest security protocols
  • Flexible – Remote studies, surveys, in-person studies are all options available to meet your schedule needs

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