Learning Design

The CETLOE Learning Design team offers a full suite of services to GSU faculty interested in creating high-quality online learning experiences.

Course and Program Design

Led by CETLOE’s learning experience designers, CETLOE design teams partner with faculty and faculty administrators to create high-quality online courses and programs. Visit out our Course and Program Design page for more information.

Multimedia Production

Partnering with faculty and CETLOE learning experience designers, CETLOE multimedia professionals produce course elements that create a consistent look and feel, increase student engagement, and deepen student learning. To learn more about what’s possible, check out some of our work.

Course Review and Recommendations

To support quality online course design and delivery, CETLOE provides a variety of resources for faculty, including design checklists, compliance resources, a sample online course, and access to resources from the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) and Quality Matters (QM). Visit our Course Review and Recommendations page to access these resources.

User Experience (UX) Research and Design

As part of our continuous improvement efforts, our UX team uses a variety of methods to test designs, identify areas of needed improvement, and inform iterations.

Faculty Spotlights