Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Assistance

Services for individual faculty engaged in research on teaching and learning include:

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact Laura Carruth or Mike Metzler.

Dr. Laura Carruth
CETL Director
Dr. Mike Metzler
Associate Director, Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Explore SoTL through CETL’s – RECURSIVE: SOTL IN PROGRESS – Online Journal

Recursive: SoTL in Progress is an electronic journal and blog devoted to publishing the work of faculty engaged with the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) at Georgia State.

  • Beyond the Classroom Walls - January 7, 2019
    by Tamara Shue (      Phones attached to their hands, short attention spans. Instructors often think of these characteristics when we think of millennials. By the same token, millennials live in a world tha [...]
  • Let’s Unpack That: Facilitating Writing Analysis and Reflection in Freshman Composition - November 16, 2018
    By Jessie Hayden ( – GSU Perimeter College. French poet Paul Valry once famously said, “A poem’s never finished, only abandoned.” One assumes that Valry persisted and continued to probe the depths of his craft [...]
  • It Grades For Me and It Grades For Them? Sign Me Up! (Teaching Tip) - February 7, 2018
    By Amy Cassaniti ( Group work. The bane of our existence as well as every student’s. As educators, we recognize the value of group work: fosters cooperation, enables collaborative learning, boosts public speaking skills, and [...]

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