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Georgia SoTL Research Consortium Rapid Transition to Remote Teaching Study

Led by Mike Metzler, Associate Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Online Education, the Georgia SoTL Research Consortium was formed to study the impact of the Emergency Transition to all-remote/online instruction in our state’s colleges and universities resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Consortium included researchers from Georgia State University and five other USG institutions. Two online surveys were designed and validated; one for instructors and one for students. Each participating institution received local IRB approval. Student and instructor data (choice responses and open-ended responses) were collected from every participating institution during May and June of 2020.

The aggregated data are currently being analyzed in preparation for submissions to refereed academic journals. The reports here include data only from GSU instructors (n = 676) and students (n = 2,271). Please note that these reports highlight key findings, but do not include the full range of survey data collected at Georgia State University.

SoTL Services

Services for individual faculty engaged in research on teaching and learning include:

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact Laura Carruth or Mike Metzler.

Dr. Laura Carruth
CETLOE Director
Dr. Mike Metzler
Associate Director, Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Publication Highlights!

Omer Ari (Clinical Assistant Professor, Middle and Secondary Education) examines competencies and conceptual knowledge developed by undergraduates who participated in a 2-month interdisciplinary research project in this study – Undergraduates as Interdisciplinary Researchers: Gains in Competencies and Conceptual Knowledge.

Barbara Robertson (Senior Lecturer, History & Political Science, Perimeter College) and Mark Flowers (Associate Chair, Economics, Perimeter College) published an article in Learning and Teaching that is very timely as instructors prepare to teach this fall. They examined the impact of lecture videos in online courses on student outcomes. You can read the paper here.

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