Pedagogical Consulting

CETLOE instructional designers can work with you to identify or develop ways to help your students meet your highest expectations. From discrete concepts to entire courses, whether face-to-face or online or a mix of both, we can partner with you to take your teaching to new heights. What we chat about is up to you, but here are some ideas:

  • Teaching difficult concepts
  • Helping students stay organized
  • Making collaborative assignments work
  • Encouraging fruitful discussions
  • “Flipping” your classroom
  • Taming the grading monster
  • Getting real-time student feedback
  • Integrating digital media assignments
  • Motivating students using games and game mechanics
  • Holding online office hours
  • Encouraging students to engage with data and data visualization
Transform Your Course
To start a conversation about your course, email [email protected], or [email protected] for Perimeter College campuses.

Please include possible dates and times that work for you to meet, as well as some details regarding what you’d like to discuss.

What’s Your Story? Here are some of the faculty we’ve worked with: