Ownership of Digital Educational Resources

Sometimes the University invests significant resources in helping instructors develop educational materials. Sometimes it doesn’t. This document can help instructors determine either way, and what it means for ownership of the materials.

Georgia State University’s Intellectual Property Policy describes ownership of intellectual property (IP) developed at the University. This decision tree applies the IP Policy to the design and development of Digital Educational Resources. Digital Educational Resources include any learning object presented in digitally mediated form, including but not limited to syllabi, assessments, assignments, lecture notes, videos, photos, PowerPoints, digital documents, infographics, animations, and visualizations or collections thereof. Contributions to shared curriculum databases, documents, visualizations, learning object repositories, and other means of coordinating or organizing the design, storage, and delivery of digital learning objects, including online course shells and templates, are also considered Digital Educational Resources. This policy does not apply to Digital Educational Resources purchased or licensed from a vendor.

Please direct any questions to Gwen Spratt in the Office of Legal Affairs at gspratt@gsu.edu.