Established under the Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Online Education (CETLOE), Learning Analytics Research Services (LARS) provides research development and learning analytics support across Georgia State University. By combining support services at every phase of the process, LARS assists departments and principal investigators with the resources and expert knowledge needed to promote their research endeavors.

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How We Can Help

At the core, CETLOE’s Learning Analytics Team leverages data to enhance teaching and learning outcomes across Georgia State University. To serve faculty in their research endeavors, the following services are offered to support the work of departments and institution-level initiatives across the downtown and Perimeter College campuses.

Writing and Dissemination

Assisting faculty with grant proposal writing, manuscript edits, literature review, and dissemination of research findings.

Research Design

Supporting practitioners with IRB preparation, research methodology, survey design, and interpretation of results.

Data Strategy

Collaborating with faculty to examine project goals, analyze data, and recommend possible academic interventions.

Data Presentation

Providing data visualizations and presentations to identify and understand trends, outliers, and patterns.

Our Process

The research roadmap followed by LARS helps in providing the best possible products to all clients on time. Learn more about these different stages below or in this roadmap graphic.

Identify Grant

(Write & Receive)

Identify Partners

(Research Partners, Subject Matter Experts, Relevant Stakeholders)

Conduct Research

(IRB, Methodology/Design, & Analyze)

Disseminate Research

(Articles, Journals, Conferences, & Pedagogical Best Practices)


Our Work

Our comprehensive approach revolves around supporting faculty members throughout the research pipeline, equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to better understand and address their specific needs. By empowering faculty members, we aim to foster a thriving academic environment that promotes innovation and success.

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Our Team

The Learning Analytics Team combines a wide range of experience and expertise and remains committed to helping you to advance your research endeavors. With support for pre- and post-award services, LARS serves as a single contact center for meeting your faculty research needs.

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