Custom Workshops

Do you need your students to develop technology skills to master course content or complete assessments? CETL staff can design and deliver a custom, in-person technology workshop to teach your students the skills they need to succeed. Then, once the training is over, students can get access to the equipment they need at a university CATLab or at the EXLAB makerspace.

To ensure a quality experience for all involved, please note:

  • Instructors must provide at least two weeks notice
  • Workshops need to be connected to specific course projects or instructional objectives
  • At least eight students need to attend each workshop
  • The regular course instructor should attend each session
  • Courses need to be scheduled during regular business hours
  • The CETL’s ability to meet all requests will depend on staff availability and expertise, as well as training lab availability. When we are not able to meet requests, CETL staff will work with instructors to find alternatives.

Request a Custom Workshop

To discuss setting up a custom workshop for your students, email [email protected]. In your email, please include the following information:

  • A description of the project or course objective(s) you’d like us to address in the training, as well as an idea of the application(s) you need us to show your students how to use
  • Your course name and number
  • # of students who will be attending the training
  • Possible dates and times that will work for you to meet, as well as some details regarding what you’d like to discuss
  • An exemplary project that we can use as a model when we build your students’ custom training, if you have one in mind.

We look forward to hearing from you!