Constructing a Syllabus

CETL provides assistance with constructing a syllabus and writing learning outcomes. These materials can get you started.  The Constructing a GSU Syllabus document also contains optional statements on basic student needs, Campus Carry, and Sexual Harassment that you can include on your syllabus. We strongly encourage that you use learner-centered language in your syllabus (see link below).

Consult our schedule for workshops around these and other topics.

New information for Syllabi and Course Planning:

Title IX Pregnant and Parenting Students Guidance

The university has developed a guidance document for faculty and program leaders on how to respond to requests by pregnant and parenting student for class or program adjustments under Title IX. The document is intended to help navigate the obligations Title IX imposes regarding pregnant and parenting students. Pregnant and Parenting Students and Title IX >

Consider Including a Basic Needs Statement

At any given time, over 85 GSU students are experiencing homelessness. GSU offers assistance through the Embark program, but most students and faculty are unaware of what the university offers. Please consider adding this statement to your syllabi or in your iCollege resources page:

Basic Needs Statement: Any student who faces challenges securing their food or housing and believes this may affect their performance in the course is urged to contact the Dean of Students for support. Furthermore, please notify the professor if you are comfortable in doing so. This will enable us to provide resources that we may possess. The Embark program at GSU provides resources for students facing homelessness and Panther’s Pantry provides resources for students facing food insecurity.

iCollege CETL Faculty Development Course Page
CETL has an iCollege Faculty Development Course for the sharing of instructional resources. This course can be found in your iCollege list of courses and contains resources on syllabus development, writing learning outcomes, first day of class activities, student grit and mindset, and many other topics. If you do not see this course in your course list please email Laura Carruth to be enrolled.