WebEx to Replace Blackboard Collaborate in May 2018
WebEx is replacing Blackboard Collaborate as the campus real-time virtual environment for course video and audio conferencing. Blackboard will be decommissioned on Friday, May 4.

Instructors and students will not have access to Blackboard Collaborate, including any recorded sessions, after it is decommissioned. Instructors with Blackboard Collaborate recordings should archive any recordings they wish to save by Thursday, May 3.

Blackboard Collaborate, also known as vClass, is a real-time virtual environment for course audio and video conferencing. It provides a powerful and easy-to-use collaboration environment to hold classes and meetings in a webinar format. You can use Collaborate to bring guest speakers in, hold project meetings, or create online break-out rooms for small-group discussion. Collaborate allows instructors and students to:

  • Text, talk and video chat online, using your computer’s microphone and camera
  • Deliver presentations and share applications and whiteboards
  • Poll group participants in a live format
  • Record online sessions for later playback
  • Dial-in through an integrated phone bridge (Only available for stand-alone sessions)


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iCollege-Integrated Session
Instructors in iCollege already have instant access to Collaborate:

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Stand-Alone Sessions
For a stand-alone Collaborate session, request a meeting.

Request a Meeting  
For Instructors: Create a New Collaborate Room in iCollege
How to Use Collaborate
Grant Access to Collaborate Rooms in iCollege
For Students: Join a Collaborate Room in iCollege
For Facilitators of
Non-Academic Meetings:
Create a Stand-Alone Session
How to Use Collaborate
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