General Pedagogy Training


The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning offers general pedagogical training to graduate students who cannot receive pedagogical training through their departments, either because they are not eligible for an assistantship or because no training is offered.  This training discusses pedagogy in general rather than specific, disciplinary topics, and is designed for students who look to receive an assistantship in their department and distinguish themselves from other applicants.
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To complete the CETL General Pedagogy Training, students must:

  1. Attend two all-day training sessions
  2. Observe two classes
  3. Construct a teaching philosophy, a sample syllabus, a sample assignment, and a sample rubric
  4. Attend at least five additional CETL one-hour workshops

This training can also be used to substitute for the pedagogy course requirement in those applying for the Certificate of Excellence in College teaching, but ONLY if no formal 3 hour pedagogy course is available.