VoiceThread is a digital discussion tool that is more personable and engaging than a traditional threaded discussion. Participants use voice, text, and video to enter into conversations centered on media. The media can be images, videos, slides, or any combination of these. As an added bonus, when you or your students use the audio or video comment tool, you’ll have the ability to use colored pencils to annotate the seed media on the screen.

You can use VoiceThread to:

Using VoiceThread

Have questions on how to integrate VoiceThread into your course? Contact CETLOE at [email protected].

  • In any field, have a conversation around your narrated PowerPoint or multimedia presentation.
  • In any field, work through case studies and scenarios, like this one on radiology.
  • In kinesiology and health, have students use colored pencils to indicate whether body alignment is problematic.
  • In studio art, have students critique each other’s work or evaluate historical art.
  • In social sciences, create a structured asynchronous debate.
  • In language classes, ask students to create conversations in the target language around media.
  • In any field, have students generate digital stories or digital arguments.


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