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ReadSpeaker provides a suite of text-reader tools enabled in each iCollege course at Georgia State. These tools read out HTML-created text in the course’s content; a variety of document types including Microsoft Word documents and PDF files; and can be used by students to read content outside of iCollege.

To create Readspeaker-friendly courses, the CETLOE suggests faculty create as much content as they can using iCollege’s HTML editors. Free HTML courses for those who would like them are offered by the CETLOE’s PantherTech workshop team.

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Use ReadSpeaker in iCollege 

webReader and docReader

ReadSpeaker webReader and docReader are automatically enabled in all iCollege courses in the course Content. webReader appears as a “Listen” button on all HTML-created text that plays an audio version of content when pressed. docReader appears at the bottom of compatible document types, and it allows students to listen to audio versions of common document types.

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ReadSpeaker TextAid is a web-based tool that allows students to listen to audio versions of content outside of iCollege while reading along with highlighted text. This text can come from websites, emails, scanned documents, textbooks, PDFs and more. ReadSpeaker TextAid can be added to any iCollege course as an External Learning Tool.

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