Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor


Respondus LockDown browser creates a secure and controlled testing environment by limiting the actions a student can preform while taking a quiz in the browser, such as navigating to another web page, taking screen shots, or even exiting the browser before the quiz is completed. LockDown browser is best used in a controlled environment where use can be monitored and issues troubleshooted quickly. However, the LockDown Browser can be installed on personal Windows and Mac machines for quizzes distributed through iCollege and intended for completion outside of a lab. There is an option for allowing quizzes to also be completed via an iPad.

Respondus Monitor can be used as an additional security feature alongside LockDown Browser. Respondus Monitor uses the students’ webcam to record the student as they complete the exam, either while they take a test at home, or inside a Georgia State computer lab.

Support for Instructors: Setting up a Quiz With Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor
Support for Students:
Taking a Quiz With Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor
Download & Install: Download on Windows
Download on Mac