Piazza is a unique Q&A platform that is part wiki and part discussion forum. As students or faculty ask questions in Piazza, students collaborate to create a single best answer. Using the slider, you and your students can review the evolution of the question and see how students leveraged their shared knowledge to co-construct their community-generated answer. In addition, instructors can create polls and notes or add their own answer to questions.

You can use Piazza to:

Using Piazza

Have questions on how to integrate Piazza into your course? Contact our Instructional Designers at cetloe@gsu.edu.

  • Encourage students to ask questions regarding the course syllabus and assignments.
  • Allow students to rely on each other for help when confused or struggling with course content.
  • Ask complex scenario-based questions that students collaborate on to generate a rich and complete response.
  • Have students collaboratively brainstorm alternative solutions to problems or variables to be considered when making a decision.


Getting Started: Add Piazza to your iCollege Homepage
Piazza Support: Using Piazza
Privacy: Piazza FERPA Statement