Learning Technology Evaluation Toolkit

What is the Toolkit?

The Learning Technology Evaluation Toolkit provides instructors and staff options for gathering and evaluating product information from Ed Tech vendors.

The Toolkit can help with comparisons of technology vendors and enable instructors and staff to make a more informed decision on product selection. Additionally, the toolkit can be used as a supplement to demos. See our demo tips.

The Toolkit requests information related to:

  • Product functionality
  • Support model
  • Integration requirements
  • Support of standards
  • Security standards and policies
  • Accessibility information (VPAT)

Versions Available

The toolkit is available in three formats.

Responses are emailed to the GSU contact specified.

Import and modify in a Qualtrics account.  Available via request.

The toolkit is based on Tyton Partner’s Courseware in Context. It asks vendors detailed questions regarding their support of Ed Tech industry standards (see IMS Global.)


The toolkit can be used to evaluate:

  • Technologies that will integrate with iCollege
  • Technologies that will assess learner performance
  • Technologies that will allow for learner collaboration
  • Digital courseware
  • Adaptive courseware
  • Technologies that will collect a learner’s activity data

Demo Tips

The Toolkit can help you research new academic technology for your classroom, but we recommend you also meet with a vendor to demo their products. Here are a few tips when meeting with a vendor:

  • Require that the Learning Technology Evaluation Toolkit be completed prior to the demo. This will allow you to ask the vendor more in-depth questions regarding the product.
  • Request to see the product from the learner, instructor, and administrator perspectives.
  • Request that the demo use iCollege, the University’s supported learning management system.
  • Request that a Learning Technology team member attend the demo.
  • Ask to see tasks performed from a lifecycle perspective.
    e.g. the Quiz Lifecycle:

    • Instructor creates the quiz
    • Learner takes the quiz
    • Instructor grades and provides feedback
    • Learner reviews grades and feedback
    • Instructor reviews quiz performance for entire course