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iCollegeNow is a workshop for instructors who are new to teaching online with Georgia State University’s platform, iCollege. This course contains the basic information you need to get into iCollege to add content for the course and to assess your students.
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iCollege Sample Course

Instructors interested in using a course design that has been tested by CETLOE may wish to start with the CETLOE sample course.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to Georgia State University you will not be in the system until 24 to 72 hours after you have activated your campus id.

If you are a new instructor and your paperwork is going to take some time to process please contact the IIT Technology Service Desk, 404-413-4357 or [email protected], and request a temporary iCollege id.

There is a 1-3 business day lag time between when you appear as the instructor of record in Go Solar and when your courses will appear in iCollege.

To find your courses click on the magnifying glass at the top of your course list. This will list all of your courses. Across the top are dropdown menus that allow you to filter the courses by semester and department.

image pointing out the search function under My Courses

There is a 1-3 business day lag time between when you add your courses and when they will appear in iCollege.

If you need more immediate access to your iCollege course please have your supervisor contact the IIT Service Desk, 404-413-4357 or [email protected], and request that you be added to the course.

Go to the course into which you want to add the content.

  1. On the right hand side of the menu go to Course Admin and click on Import/Export/Copy Components.
  2. Find the Search for Offering button in the middle of the page and click on it.
  3. Choose the course you want to take the information from.
  4. Click Add Selected.
  5. Click on Copy All Components or click on Select Components. Copy All Components makes an exact copy of your course, while Select Components allows you to make choices about what top copy. Make sure to select Course Files when copying Content.

There will be a status bar on the right hand side that will tell you when it’s done.

For more information about copying content from one course to another, please reference our Copying Content help file.

Please review the iCollege Access information for details on the roles and permissions that are available.

  1. Select Classlist from the course toolbar.
  2. Click Add existing users from the Add Participants button.
  3. Enter the first and last name or campus id of the person you would like to add.
  4. Select the appropriate role from the role dropdown menu.
  5. Select the section you would like to add them to.
  6. Select the check box beside the user you want to enroll.
  7. Click Enroll Selected Users.

To see and do things as a student:

  1. Select Classlist from the course toolbar.
  2. Find the Demo Student (they may be listed as Student, Demo or Demo Student).
  3. Click the down arrow to the right of the Demo Student's name and then click Impersonate.
  4. Click Yes on the Confirmation window to navigate the course as a student.

To return to the instructor view

  1. Click Demo Student in the upper right hand of the screen.
  2. Click Restore to return to your view.

If you are unfamiliar with the organization of the Content in iCollege, please first review the Understanding the Organization of the Content help file.

Before adding content to your course, you must first create a Module. All content within modules is called a Topic.

Adding a Module

  1. Access the Content tool from the Content & Media dropdown menu.
  2. Click the Table of Contents link in the left column.
  3. Enter your new module title in the Add a module... field, which is below the Table of Contents title and any existing modules.
  4. Press Enter or click outside the field to add the module.

Adding Content Topics

  1. Click on the module you want to create a new topic for from the Table of Contents panel.
  2. Click on the New button and select one of the following options:
    • Upload Files
    • Create a File
    • Create a Link
    • Add from Manage Files
    • Add Object from LOR
    • New Checklist
    • New Discussion
    • New Dropbox
    • New Quiz
    • New Survey

For more information about adding content to your course, please reference our Content help file.

  1. Open the file so that you can view it within the Content.
  2. Click on the triangle dropdown menu to the right of the file's name.
  3. Select Change Topic File and upload a new file.

If you are unfamiliar with the iCollege gradebook, we recommend that you first review the following help topics.

Once you know which grading system you will select you will next complete basic setup of your gradebook using the Grades Setup Wizard.

The last step is to create the columns in the gradebook where you will enter student scores.  These are called Grade Items.  The most commonly used grade item is the numeric grade item.  You may also need one or more Grade Categories.  Grade categories are used to group similar grade items.  They help organize the gradebook and allow you to drop the lowest or highest grades from a category.

For additional support using the gradebook to enter grades, create bonus items, and more, please view the Grades page in our help section.

If you need any additional help, please contact the the IIT Technology Service Desk at 404-413-4357 or [email protected].

Grade book grades are automatically released to students when they have been entered and saved (this is not the same as entering them into a Dropbox or Discussion grade area). The exception to this is the Final Grade, which must be released by having iCollege calculate the final grade and then Publishing it.

To release the final grade, do one of the following:

  • Release grades for selected students: On the Enter Grades page, click Grade All from the Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade dropdown menu. Select the Release Adjusted Final Grade check box for the user whose grades you want to release, and click Save.
  • Release grades for all students: On the Enter Grades page, click Grade All from the Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade dropdown menu. Select Release All from the Final Grades dropdown menu.

If your course became cross-listed (the addition of an honor student will do this) the new cross-listed course will be blank. To recover the content please contact the IIT Service Desk, 404-413-4357 or [email protected], and ask that your content be restored.
Go into your course and, on the right hand side of the menu, find the Course Admin button. In Course Admin find the Sections area, and click on it. That will list the sections in that cross-listed course.
There are many reasons the media may not be working. The most common reason is that the computer you are using is blocking/stopping the media from running or it does not have the appropriate software to run the media. Try using a different browser and/or computer. If you are still experiencing difficulties please contact the IIT Service Desk, 404-413-4357 or [email protected].

The CETLOE strives to include iCollege tools that make online learning accessible to each and every student.

docReader reads PDF files (that are not scanned images), as well as Word and Powerpoint files uploaded in any iCollege course.

Readspeaker is a text-reader tool enabled in each iCollege course at Georgia State. The tool reads out HTML-created text in the course's content and modules. To create Readspeaker-friendly courses, the CETLOE suggests faculty create as much content as they can using iCollege's HTML editors. Free HTML courses for those who would like them are offered by the CETLOE's PantherTech workshop team.

Computer-Generated closed captioning is automatically added to every video uploaded into the integrated Kaltura media hosting service. Human-Generated closed captioning is available for certain iCollege courses at Perimeter College.

Special Access for Quizzes: Instructors can include special access settings for their iCollege quizzes for students who require them.

For more information about iCollege accessibility tools, visit our Accessibility Assistance page.

GSU D2L/Brightspace - Legacy

GPC iCollege - Legacy

Legacy environments will be available through August 2017.

If you are still experiencing difficulties please contact the IIT Service Desk, 404-413-4357 or [email protected].


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CETLOE Instructional Support staff can assist with any iCollege-related questions, including:

  • Customizing the look, feel, and functionality of the iCollege environment to fit your teaching style
  • Encouraging meaningful online discussion and collaboration
  • Uploading and organizing content
  • Setting up and troubleshooting the Gradebook
  • Creating quizzes and using Respondus
  • Using the Assignment tool and TurnItIn plagiarism detection
  • Integrating multimedia
  • Extending functionality with integrated technologies

For help using iCollege to support your teaching,  request a Digital teaching tool consultation.

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