Webex in iCollege

Webex is an online meeting platform that allows you to connect and meet with others, from anywhere – on or off campus.

Integrated into iCollege, Webex allows faculty to leverage all of Webex’s tools and functionality seamless in their iCollege course to foster an environment where students can meet online, work together, and complete coursework.

Foster Student Collaboration

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Set Up Webex in iCollege 

Using Webex in iCollege >

  • Group meetings from anywhere
  • Create spaces to communicate for students who are geographically separated
  • Presentation tools and screen sharing
  • Create and monitor breakout groups for student to student engagement
  • Share content to the class as a whole, or their smaller groups and poll students during class time

Hold Office Hours More Conveniently

  • Hold virtual office hours to communicate with your support staff or students in real time, from anywhere
  • Allow students to request and schedule online office hours right from iCollege
  • Digital white-board app and screen sharing

The iCollege integration takes advantage of your other Webex Tools:

Webex Meetings
Hold meetings in your personal online meeting room and collaborate with screen sharing, file sharing, and whiteboard tools.
Webex Teams
Webex’s group-based collaboration tool. Meet online in customizable “Spaces” to collaborate, chat, and complete coursework.


Remember to secure your Webex session from uninvited participants. Take these steps on Windows | Mac.
Webex in iCollege
Webex Teams in iCollege
Hold a Breakout Session in iCollege
Invite a Guest Speaker
Reauthorize Webex in iCollege
Using Webex in iCollege
More Webex Tools:
Webex Teams
WebEx Meetings
Accessibility Tools:
Webex Assistant for Instructors
Webex Assistant for Students