New iCollege and Canvas Integrations

Georgia State University’s learning management programs, iCollege and Canvas, support a number of integrated programs such as Kaltura, Webex, and Portfolium.

If you have an integration you’d like to see added to these systems, you can make a request to sponsor a new integration. A typical integration process will take up to 2 months to be completed.

Being an Integration Sponsor

In suggesting a new tool, you agree to sponsor that tool through its integration process. All sponsors must be a Georgia State faculty or staff member.

As a sponsor, you will be responsible for:

  • Collecting basic information about the tool
  • The Vendor’s contact information
  • Documentation
  • Funding and Contract Information
  • Assisting with Testing
  • Submitting a final approval

Step 1: Submit Initial Request

The first step is to submit a request form. You will need to provide contact information and briefly describe your interest in the tool.

An administrator will contact you within 2 business days to begin the integration project.

Get Started

Submit a request for a new integration.

Submit Request 

Step 2: Collect Documentation

While you are waiting to be contacted to continue the project, collect documentation and information for your integration. You will need to provide this information during the process.

The Learning Technology Evaluation Toolkit can help you collect this information.


Also collect:

  • Vendor contact information
  • Product description
  • Desired implementation deadline
  • Funding information
  • Contract information

Step 3: Assist with Testing

During the process of integration, you will need to assist with testing the integration. This will include testing in the development and production environments.

Step 4: Final Approval and Implementation

After final approval, the integration will be released and fully implemented.

Interested in tools that we are exploring for the future? Check out our learning technology tool pilots.