Digital Tools for Teaching

The Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Online Education offers a variety of digital tools, in addition to iCollege-integrated tools, to enhance and supplement coursework.

Domain of One’s Own – Incorporate a digital space for coursework into your course. Give students the opportunity to author and administer their own digital presence, and take their websites with them after leaving Georgia State.
Chalk & Wire – Simplify e-portfolio assessment at a program-level, and rubric-based grading at the course-level. Flexible and easy to use, take the pain out of grading and ensures your students get the practice they need to truly master your subject.
Edublogs ( – A WordPress-based blogging and site platform, perfect for student blogging projects, portfolios, professional websites, organizational websites, and more.
Qualtrics – A research tool that allows you to easily create dynamic surveys and analyze results.
LinkedIn Learning – Top-notch software, programming, education, and business processes online training videos, complete with exercise files.
Instructional Pilot Tools – Teaching and learning tools to add to the growing portfolio at Georgia State University.