Closed Captioning


Kaltura is a video platform that is integrated within iCollege and may be used to upload and share captioned videos. Kaltura offers two options – machine captioning and human captioning – to create subtitles for content. Each method allows for manual text editing to ensure that captions will be clear and accurate for individuals that may have difficulty hearing or speak English as a second language.

Computer-Generated Captioning

Computer-generated captioning allows you to order and edit captions for uploaded videos. This process is available to you at no cost.
Computer-generated captioning often requires that captions be edited by the video owner to improve accuracy.
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Human Captioning

Human captioning requires approval and is available by request on a limited basis. Once approved, you will receive a code referred to as a “tag,” that must be entered into the tag box available when making edits to the video. Fill out the form below to submit a request.
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