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Course and Program Development

Faculty and administrators interested in developing online courses and programs can partner with online learning experts at CETL. Selected partners work with instructional & multimedia designers who integrate best practices in online learning, coordinate development services, and ensure on-time delivery. With CETL’s unwavering commitment to embracing diversity and helping all of our students meet with academic and career success, faculty partners can be confident that their courses and programs are built to CETL’s rigorous quality certification standards.

Multimedia Design

Complementing CETL’s instructional design services, our Multimedia Design team offers cutting-edge and narrative-rich options for instructors looking to bring life to their courses. Services range from interactive web content, to augmented reality and immersive environments, to traditional filming and graphic design. Integral to any course development, we invite you to explore CETL multimedia examples and consider how to integrate similar projects into your course.

Process Overview



Key Information

  • Degree-credit courses at Georgia State University are taught in iCollege, giving our partners and students access to our full suite of powerful learning technologies. Non-credit, public-facing courses are delivered through Stacks, our online storefront. Simultaneous development in both platforms is possible.
  • CETL streamlines online course and program development through collaborative planning and transparent project-management strategies.
  • CETL ensures a consistent, high-quality experience for our online students through use of a common online course environment and syllabus template.
  • CETL can help answer questions related to accessibility, copyright, and ownership of digital educational materials. We can also facilitate conversations related to program approval, marketing, accreditation and reciprocity, website updates, and other administrative considerations.
  • CETL Multimedia Designers provide narrative-rich content deepening engagement and enlivening your course materials.