Tools for Testing

Now that you have prepared content and activities for remote teaching, it’s time to think about strategies for assessing students, particularly, how to design your assessments such as final exams or projects.


You may have already prepared a few low stakes online quizzes, test, and exams using the iCollege Quiz Tool.  You may have begun wondering how you will deliver your final exam online with a proctored experience.  While we do offer two options for proctoring quizzes, tests, and exams delivered through iCollege, in the current situation, we cannot guarantee a successful experience for all students given the diversity of their computer and device access as well as internet access.  We encourage you to consider non-proctored assessment options.

The Quiz Tool offers a variety of different types of questions—most of which can be automatically graded when a student submits their quiz.  Questions types that can be auto-graded include True/False, Multiple Choice, Multi-Select, Matching, Ordering, and Fill in the Blanks.  The Written Response question type can be used for essay or long-form free response questions.  The Written Response Question type is not auto-graded.

The Quiz Tool includes features such as

  • displaying one question per page
  • no returning to a question that has already been answered
  • time limits
  • randomization of answer choices
  • shuffling of question order
  • question pools that pull random questions to display to each student

In some cases, you can work with your textbook vendor to obtain a test bank that can be imported into the iCollege Question Library.  The Question Library can be used as a database of question that you can use to add questions to a quiz/test/exam.  The advantage of a Question Library is it makes it easy for you to create question pools that randomly display questions on a quiz/test/exam to students.

The Quiz Tool can also be used to set special accommodations for students who have worked with the GSU Access and Accommodation Center.

iCollege Quiz Help

Assignment/Paper/Presentation Submissions

Typically, when we think assessments we think of a quiz, test, or exam but we can use the iCollege Assignment Tool to allow our students to submit papers, case studies, presentations, and videos.

The Assignment Tool allows students to submit (attach and upload) files such as Word, PowerPoint, and PDF.  It can also be used to allow students to embed video and audio files that they have created or uploaded to their Kaltura My Media account.   The Assignment Tool can include rubrics to help you assess student submissions.

iCollege Assignment Help

Like the Assignment Tool, the iCollege Discussion Tool allows student to submit (attach and upload) files and embed video and audio files into a discussion posting much like the Assignment Tool.  The Discussion Tool has the advantage of allowing to discuss and comment upon each other’s submissions.  Like the Assignment Tool, it can include rubrics.

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