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If you are new to online teaching, the Mastering Online Teaching: Fundamentals of Online Course Design and Delivery four-week mini-course will help you get your course underway.

Getting Started with iCollege

iCollegeNow – Learn Features and Get Started: Use this just-in-time self-paced toolkit to learn many of the basic features of iCollege and how to manage an iCollege course.

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Resources to Help Students Prepare for Online Classes

These resources help students adopt positive behaviors to help make a semester involving online learning successful.

Setting Up and Communicating Attendance Groups

The Spring 2021 Blended Learning Plan requires instructors to form student groups that will be used to limit the number of students physically present in the classroom.

iCollege has a feature called Groups that can be used to form groups, communicate membership, and release content, activities, assessments and communications to specific groups.

If you choose to use iCollege to assist with group management and communications, the suggested workflow is as follows:

  1. Create “attendance” groups using the Groups tool.
    (Be prepared to review and distribute group members through the end of the drop/add period.)
  2. Set the course start date to Dec. 18.
  3. Create an “attendance” announcement using the Groups tool that directs students to click the Assessments menu and then Groups to locate their “attendance” group.
  4. Release announcements, content, activities, and assessments based on “attendance” group membership as appropriate.
  5. Login into PAWS to send an email to students directing them to iCollege for information on their “attendance” group.

Students can view group membership by clicking on Assessments from the course navigation bar and then Groups. Directions >

In-Person to Online Teaching Tools

This chart helps you choose what tools and technologies to use to move your in-person content and activities online.

Request an Accommodation:
If you or a student needs assistance such as captioning with technologies used in an online class please visit the Access & Accommodations Center (AACE) for additional information, or contact AACE with any questions or concerns about accommodations.  CETLOE also provides information on the accessibility of iCollege.
In-person Online Options Tools to Use
  • Post lecture notes
  • Post PowerPoint (file)
  • Post PowerPoint (narrated)
  • Make recordings using your mobile device
iCollege Content Tool
iCollege Upload Files
Kaltura Lecture Capture Recording (3-5 minutes)
  • Screen Capture Demonstration
  • Use existing video resources that demonstrate concepts and skills
Kaltura Lecture Capture Recording (3-5 minutes)
YouTubeLinkedin LearningKhan AcademyMerlot
  • Create asynchronous discussions
  • Hold synchronous (live) discussions
iCollege Discussion Tool (asynchronous)
Webex (synchronous)
  • Post PDFs
  • Link to e-books/articles

iCollege Upload Files

Create a File

University Library Resources

Copyright Information

  • Create submission “folders” or “dropboxes”
    (e.g. papers, reports, etc)
iCollege Assignment Tool
  • Create an online quiz/exam
  • Post an exam (hard copy)

iCollege Quiz Tool

iCollege Upload Files

Proctoring Options


  • Set up automatic grading for quizzes or exams and/or connect other types of assignments.
iCollege Grades
Office Hours
  • Schedule in-person  or phone meetings
  • Set up synchronous (live) office hours for one-on-one or groups

Office 365 Mail

iCollege Mail

Webex (synchronous)

  • Ad Hoc
  • FAQ Discussion

iCollege Announcement Tool

iCollege Discussion Tool

Birghtspace Pulse

  • Sharing Documents
  • Group projects
Webex Teams
Microsoft Teams
iCollege Groups Tool
iCollege Discussion Tool
Free Tools
Several vendors and publishers have made their resources available to faculty and students free of charge.
Explore Free Vendor Content & Engagement Tools

Learn more about Web Conferencing and Collaboration options.