Teaching In-Person / Classrooms

Georgia State has adopted a uniform definition of blended learning with specific requirements for in-class time. Review the definition here.

As you plan for Spring, consider these strategies for using in-person class time:
Ideas for In-Person Sessions | Active Learning Activities | Engagement Strategies

Also review Syllabus guidelines and conversations for information related to discussing safety measures and face coverings with students.


Classroom Capacities and Seating Charts

Please download this list of classrooms and their reduced capacity.
Classroom Capacity Social Distance
Faculty are encouraged to keep a seating chart if they find it useful and if their department requires them to file one.

Download Classroom Seating Chart Templates 
For classrooms scheduled by your college, please contact your college scheduling team.

Masks & Face Shields

Our university is taking steps to increase your safety and that of your students on our campuses. Every instructor, staff and student will receive two face masks. Due to instructor feedback and interest, a face shield will be supplied to every instructor as well. We are also offering instructors teaching face-to-face the opportunity to request a voice amplifier to improve communication in the classroom.

Voice Amplification

We recognize the use of a mask or shield may make it more difficult to project your voice while teaching. For rooms that do not have existing voice amplification, we are offering personal voice amplification devices that use a headset and speaker to help you more easily communicate with students in larger rooms. Many of our largest rooms already have wireless lavalier systems installed. If you teach in one of the following rooms, you will be provided your own lavalier microphone for the semester and will not need a personal voice amplification system.

Library South Room 102
Urban Life Room 100, Room 170, Room 220
Petit Science Center Room 101, Room 169, Room 230, Room 255
Aderhold Learning Center Room 005, Room 002, Room 024, Room 304, Room 406
Arts and Humanities Building Room 300
Langdale Hall Room 200, Room 300, Room 400, Room 415, Room 500, Room 518, Room 600, Room 700
Classroom South Room 150, Room 305, Room 608

Alpharetta Campus Room AB106, Room AB107, Room AB112
Clarkston Campus Room CH1100, Room CC2140
Dunwoody Campus Room NC1100

If you are teaching in one of these classrooms, please stop by either the Atlanta (Library South 100) or Clarkston (CN2300) CETLOE locations. You will be able to checkout a lavalier microphone belt pack for the Fall semester that can be paired with the units in these spaces. If you are unsure how to pair the microphone, a CETLOE support technician can assist you while you are receiving your unit and/or before your first session inside the classroom. If you need additional classroom support submit a request by email (help@gsu.edu) or phone (404-413-4321).

Voice Amplification Devices

If one or more of your classes falls outside of the rooms listed above, CETLOE is offering personal voice amplification devices. If you have already requested a voice amplification device, it will be delivered to you via university mail services though your college. If you still need to request a voice amplifier or other teaching equipment, make an appointment for checkout below.
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