In-Person to Online Student Tools

Get Ready to Use iCollege
To get ready to use iCollege:

  • Check recommended technology to use with iCollege.
  • View the iCollege Orientation video.
  • Use the table below to access relevant tools for the online portions of your coursework. This is not a comprehensive list of tools supported by Georgia State, and your instructor may opt for different technologies. These tools may be found in iCollege or on the GSU Technology website.

    Uses iCollege and Other Technology Tools How your instructor may use the tool

    Your instructor should specify how they would like to communicate.  The course syllabus or announcement area in iCollege should indicate our instructor’s communication tool preference.

    Be sure to follow your instructor’s recommendations to ensure timely responses.

    If your instructor utilizes Brightspace Pulse, you can use the mobile app to stay up-to-date with due dates for assignments or quizzes, and other notifications, such as room changes or when grades are available.

    To help you receive announcements and updates you can consider configuring our iCollege notification preferences.

    Virtual (Live) Lectures, Discussion, and Office Hours

    Your instructor may offer to hold live lectures, discussions, or office hours using tools such as Webex or Webex Teams.

    If you are unsure of the reliability of your internet connection or have scheduling conflicts, you may request that your instructor record the session for later review.

    Be sure to provide your instructor with constructive feedback on the live sessions.  Let them know what works well and what does not.

    You may also host your own Webex session outside of iCollege.

    File or Presentation Creation

    If your instructor requires that you submit assignments/files (Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, etc) you can use the online version of the Microsoft products.  Files can be uploaded to iCollege as needed.

    If your instructor would like for you to create a presentation and present it either live or record it you have two options:
    1.  Kaltura My Media and Kaltura Capture— this will allow you to do screen recordings (narrate a PowerPoint) or upload a video created via your mobile device.

    2.  Webex— You can host a live presentation (and record it).

    Assignment, Files, or Recording Submission Your instructor may ask you to submit files (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc) or recording to the iCollege Assignment Tool.  (The Assignment Tool is sometimes called a “dropbox”.)
    Quizzes/Exams Your instructor may choose to conduct an online quiz, test, or exam.  Most of these quizzes/test/exams will be timed and they may require that you use specific proctoring technologies.
    Prospectus/ Thesis/ Capstone/Disseration Defense
    • Webex (non-iCollege integrated)
    If you are required to give a presentation online for a prospectus or thesis defense, you may also host your own Webex session outside of iCollege. Schedule a Webex session and invite others to attend.
    Grading Your instructor may use the iCollege “gradebook” to communicate grade information.
    Online Accommodations The GSU Access and Accommodations Center can assist with any resources you may need and will help you communicate those needs to your instructor.
    Additional Technology Resources

    The University provides some licensing for students to use or download software.

    Online training options are also available to help you learn to use software.