FAQs for Students on Learning Across Locations or While Away from Campus

Internet access is available when you are on campus. Additionally, many local Internet providers are offering no cost or low cost options for students who need to take their classes online. Many of these same companies are lifting data caps, to make sure you can more easily download your course content. You may want to contact your preferred provider for options. The university also offers Internet hotspots for checkout. Information on devices and options for Internet access can be found on this page.
Options for device access can be found on this page.

Information on all available software can be found at the Software Download page.

The vLab Virtual Lab also offers access to some academic and research software.

Online classes can be just as engaging and rigorous as in-person classes. However, success in online classes often requires more self-discipline, organization, and proactive communication. So, it’s important that you stay engaged, complete work on time, and ask your instructor for help or clarification when you need it.
If you have questions about your course, reach out to your instructor. If you have technology-related questions, here are some helpful resources.

Password Resets
For password resets, go to campusid.gsu.edu.

IIT Technology Service Desk
The IIT Technology Service Desk can be reached at help.gsu.edu, help@gsu.edu or 404-413-HELP(4357).

If you are having trouble with iCollege and its integrated tools, contact the IIT Technology Service Desk. Service Desk staff will assign a ticket to the Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Online Education (CETLOE) staff during business hours.

After Hours Support
For after-hours support, the D2L Help Center can address issues related to iCollege.

First, double-check that you have looked in all the possible areas where your instructor may have posted instructions, including iCollege, your GSU email, other online platforms you are already using in class. Second, you could try emailing your instructor. Then, if you are not receiving instructions or response from your instructor, as with your regular classes, you should contact the Department Chair, whose contact information can be found on the department’s website.
As with any other course, you may be unable to complete work due to illness or other emergency. In that case, you need to communicate with your instructor to make arrangements.

Yes. Completely online courses and meetings may result in adjustments to accommodations or requests for new accommodations. Visit the Access & Accommodations Center (AACE) for additional information, or contact AACE with any questions or concerns about accommodations.

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