Keep Learning

The Plan

Georgia State is preparing to welcome you back this Fall. For Fall 2020, Georgia State will adopt a blended learning approach to optimize learning while respecting student and faculty safety within our classroom environments. Blended learning integrates traditional, face-to-face classroom instruction with online anytime, anyplace digital learning. Online class components can include different forms of media such as text, audio and video that are combined with the face-to-face method of instruction within the same course.

How It Works

The blended model is designed to maximize opportunities for students to interact with instructors, classmates and course material during classroom time. The goal is to provide the richest student learning experience possible while simultaneously implementing public health guidelines.

In this plan, classroom seating will be limited to 50% of students attending on each day of a two-day-per-week class, and 33% of students on each day of a three-day-per-week class. For example, in a M/W class, half of the students (Group A) will meet in the assigned classroom on Monday and the other half of the students (Group B) will meet in the classroom on Wednesday. In a M/W/F class, 33% (Group A) will meet in the designated classroom on Monday, Group B will meet on Wednesday and Group C will meet on Friday. In classes that meet one time a week, Groups A and B will meet in the designated classroom on alternate weeks. To support this type of learning, all primary course materials will be available online for all students.

The Blended Learning Model will be the default for the Fall semester. Exceptions for classes to be taught fully face-to-face or fully online may be made on a case-by-case basis after request by departments for classes that meet certain exception criteria.

Preparing for Fall

CETL will support students through this blended instruction model. Internet, device and software option support, webinars and more will be provided as you prepare and start your Fall semester.