Resources for Faculty & Instructors

CETLOE assists faculty, with support ranging from professional development opportunities to providing teaching tools to unique programs, grants and awards. Visit the Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Online Education on the main campus in Library South, Room 100 or at one of our other campus locations to discover the variety of tools and services available to Georgia State University Faculty.

CETLOE Faculty Development Course

iCollege CETLOE Faculty Development Course
CETLOE has an iCollege Faculty Development Course for the sharing of instructional resources. This course can be found in your iCollege list of courses and contains resources on syllabus development, writing learning outcomes, first day of class activities, student grit and mindset, and many other topics. If you do not see this course in your course list please email Laura Carruth to be enrolled.

iCollege Support

Use the iCollege Digital Learning Environment for your course.

Title IX Pregnant and Parenting Students Guidance

The university has developed a guidance document for faculty and program leaders on how to respond to requests by pregnant and parenting student for class or program adjustments under Title IX. The document is intended to help navigate the obligations Title IX imposes regarding pregnant and parenting students. Pregnant and Parenting Students and Title IX >

New Student Evaluation of Instructor (SEI)

In 2016, the Faculty Affairs Committee of the University Senate formed a subcommittee to evaluate the efficacy of the SEI, eliminate language biases, provide more space for student comments, and increase student response rate. There was also an interest in adopting a more holistic approach to assessing teaching effectiveness that goes simply looking at composite scores. The subcommittee was comprised of experts in the area of scholarship of teaching and learning and included faculty across the university and 60+ stakeholders. The committee worked for three years in revising the instrument. The new revised instrument was passed by the Faculty Senate in April 2019 and can be found here: Student Evaluation Instrument >

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Professional Development

In addition to our calendar of workshops, these resources assist with faculty and instructor professional development.

Get Started with Technology: Get information about checking your faculty email and other technology resources at the university.

Programs, Grants & Awards

CETLOE supports programs and provides grants & awards that help faculty innovate their teaching methods and the tools they use to help students learn.
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Technology Services & Support
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