Funding Opportunities for
Online and Hybrid Programs

The Office of the Provost provides funding opportunities in support of Georgia State’s strategic initiative to grow its online programs. Proposal guidelines, budget templates and memorandums of understanding (MOUs) are provided for each funding opportunity. Academic units receiving funds will sign and commit to adhere to conditions set forth in the MOU for Centralized Support for Online and Hybrid Programs.

New Online Program Development Seed Money

One-time funds to support development of new 100% online programs that provide a credit-bearing stand-alone credential (i.e. degree or certificate) that will attract new students to Georgia State University.
Submission deadlines: February 1, September 1


Online Program Enrollment Growth Incentive

A pilot for FY22 – FY24 designed to provide resources departments and schools/colleges need to increase enrollment capacity in their online programs with the overall goal of increasing new net enrollment and new net revenue.
Submission deadline: February 1


Enrollment Capacity Advance Funds

One-time funds as upfront support needed to increase instructional or administrative capacity in existing 100% online programs.
Submission deadline: February 1


For additional information, contact Dr. Kim Siegenthaler,, Associate Provost for Online Strategies.