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iCollege is where you will go to interact with course content, instructors, and classmates online.

The table below contains information on the digital tools available to GSU students (including ways to download or access where applicable). Many of these tools are crucial to your academic success.

If you have questions about any of the tools listed below, please reach out to us by emailing [email protected] or giving us a call at 404-413-HELP (4357).

Note: This is not a comprehensive list of tools supported by GSU, and your instructor may opt for different technologies within a particular course.

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Here at Georgia State University, there are many avenues for sending/receiving communications and information regarding your courses, as well as helpful information pertaining your to student community.

Digital Mail – PantherMail and iCollege Mail
Keep in mind these are two separate systems and it’s IMPORTANT to review your course syllabus or iCollege course announcements for your instructors’ preferences on whether they will predominantly send/receive messages to/from your PantherMail (Outlook) or to your iCollege Mail inbox. Adhering to your instructors’ preference will help ensure timely responses.

iCollege Announcement
The university and your instructors will make use of announcement fields for important notices.  In addition to logging in to see them you can follow these via your Brightspace Pulse mobile app or by adjusting forwarding settings under your notification preferences in iCollege.

Chat Tools – Webex and Microsoft Teams
Both of these tools provide options for peer-to-peer chat or group chatting/communication options.  These are great choices if you have group projects or study groups.  Both can also be used with desktop or mobile apps.  In addition, Microsoft Teams can be used from a browser accessed through PantherMail (Outlook).

Virtual (Live) Lectures, Meetings, and Office Hours Inside of iCollege your instructor can set-up one of the course menu options with a variety of tools under the Webex (or communication) menu heading inside a course.

  • Classroom Collaboration – connected to the Webex group chat tool.
  • Virtual Meetings – both upcoming and recorded meetings
  • Office Hours – this tool allows you to directly schedule time during virtual office hours.

In addition, course lectures, virtual events and meetings throughout the school year are hosted via Webex.  Note: hosts, including for course lectures, can record meetings (it doesn’t happen automatically).  So, if you may want access to a meeting recording make sure to ask ahead of time.

Should you wish to host a meeting, this is something anyone can do by logging on to the GSU Webex page to host a meeting.  Meetings can be one-on-one or multiple people, whatever you’re wanting at the time.

Another tool you have for hosting/attending meetings outside of iCollege is Microsoft Teams. It is a matter of preference whether you choose to use Webex or Microsoft Teams.  You’re encouraged to explore all your tools and resources.

Student Presentation Virtual Delivery

In some instances, you may be asked or have the option to deliver a presentation virtually.  This could be pre-recorded or a live delivery.  Two GSU supported tools that easily enable the completion of these assignments are Kaltura’s suite of tools and Webex.  NOTE: both allow you to include a presentation aid like PowerPoint.

Kaltura – Kaltura’s ‘Kaltura Capture’ will allow you to screen record select areas of your monitor (such as one showing PowerPoint) as well as video and/or audio of yourself.  The video will then upload to your ‘Kaltura My Media’ where you can attach the video to an assignment to turn it in.

Webex – You can host a live presentation, as well as simply record a presentation with no audience and share the video file.  Webex is especially useful with group presentations (live or recorded).  NOTE: Webex meeting recordings are automatically added to the host’s Kaltura My Media.

Assignments, Submissions, File Development, and Cloud Storage If your instructor requires that you submit externally created files to assignments or discussions, you have access to a suite of tools from Microsoft as a student. You can access them online (Office365) and save files to the cloud via Microsoft OneDrive. Additionally, you can download Full Versions of the Microsoft products to your personal machines.

Your instructor may choose to conduct an online quiz, test, or exam.  Many of these quizzes/test/exams will be timed and they may require that you use specific proctoring technologies and/or adhere to a particular set of procedures.

Parameters about specific quizzes will most likely be found in your syllabus, but when in doubt ask your instructor.  If something happens to prevent you completing your online quizzes, it’s important to immediately let your instructor know and when needed reach out to our help desk by emailing [email protected] or giving us a call at 404-413-HELP (4357).

Track Your Assignments and Progress

There are many tools that can help you stay on top of your progress as a Georgia State University student. Directly in iCollege you have access to a Calendar tool. In some cases, your instructor will set-up deadlines in a way that items will populate to your Calendar. Calendar notifications can be set-up, such as using the Brightspace Pulse App, to remind you of coming deadlines.

Additionally, your instructor may communicate grades and other skills achieved on individual assessment elements in iCollege using the iCollege “gradebook”. This can help you see how your grades combine toward your course grade. Learning more about your grade book can help you take charge of your overall course grade. NOTE: Most course syllabi include details on grading policy and grade breakdowns.