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Georgia State University is here to support its students across all ways as they learn. This site contains information on your primary digital learning resource, iCollege, as well as a myriad of other tools and tips designed to aid in creating assignment material, studying, skills development and more.


iCollege is the name of your learning management system platform (LMS) here at Georgia State University (GSU). It is where you can review coursework, view lectures, join in class discussions, and so much more. Regardless of how you engage with your classes, whether the classes you attend are online, in-person, or a mix of the two, iCollege is a vital tool for success during your time at GSU.

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Instructional Support

Learn how to use the iCollege learning management system and other technologies for study and collaboration in these virtual sessions at the beginning of the semester (see above) or with recorded materials found here.

DLL Technology Training Workshops


Digital Learners to Leaders offers a wide variety of FREE technology and software workshops in-person and online.

Online Technology and Professional Training

Online Technology and Professional Training

LinkedIn Learning provides professional and technology training in a variety of topics from using Excel to designing with Photoshop to Project Management.