Photo of person holding grateful sign

Thank A Teacher Program

Each semester, CETLOE collects thank you notes from students across the university to share with faculty. Students are invited to participate in the Thank A Teacher Program through announcements on their iCollege pages at the end of every semester, and they have responded to the invitation!

Since the beginning of Thank A Teacher in May 2021, GSU undergraduate and graduate students have written more than 5000 thank you notes to over 1500 individual faculty members, graduate teaching assistants, and even a few staff members!

Notes collected through Thank a Teacher are shared with faculty at the end of each grading period and the response from faculty has been truly humbling. Many of them tell us that one note from a student made their whole semester worth it!

Students interested in writing Thank You Notes to their teachers will be able to do so in the last three weeks of any semester. Just log into iCollege during the last three weeks, and you’ll see a link to a form for your note. Please be aware that thank you notes DO NOT replace student evaluation of instruction, so be sure to take the time to complete that as well.

Faculty receiving notes should consider the note an official university communication and add the note to their teaching portfolios or annual review.

Questions about the Thank a Teacher program can be directed to Jennifer Hall (CETLOE Associate Director) at [email protected]