Atlanta Studies Network

CETLOE funds faculty and students to support the Atlanta Studies Network. What started as a series of projects and platforms within the silos of departments and institutions at Georgia State University and Emory has turned into a broadly interdisciplinary group of researchers, students, and instructors across local institutions with a local audience in mind. Currently, the network includes the following sites and events:

  • The ATLmaps platform combines archival maps, geospatial data visualization, and user contributed multimedia location “pinpoints” to promote investigation into any number of issues about Atlanta.  This innovative online platform will allow users to layer an increasing number of interdisciplinary data to address the complex issues that cities pose.
  • Atlanta Studies is an open access, digital publication featuring articles and blog posts about the Atlanta area from scholars, writers, artists, and activists.
  • Atlanta Studies Meetups are quarterly meetings at Manuel’s Tavern that showcase two Atlanta focused projects and bring together people from local universities, the media, community groups, and government representatives.
  • The Atlanta Studies Symposium is an annual conference that brings together regional scholars, teachers, community groups, and city planners to address social, cultural, environmental, and economic issues facing Atlanta.
  • Teaching Atlanta is an online publication currently under development to connect teachers to the projects and resources of the Atlanta Studies Network.