Student Innovation Fellowships

Funded by Student Tech Fee, the Student Innovation Fellowship Program is a collaborative effort between the Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Online Education and GSU Library’s Collaborative University Research & Visualization Environment (CURVE). Students in the program develop expertise and share ideas around emerging technologies and instructional innovations, with particular attention to enhancing learning and research at Georgia State University.

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Student Innovation Fellowship Program Projects

  • Developing new standards for training GTA’s in the physics department.
  • The 3-D Atlanta project, is recreating Decatur Street at Central Avenue in the 1920’s-1930’s in a 3-D virtual environment.
  • The GSU Growth Map, tracks the growing footprint of GSU on downtown Atlanta and, after the consolidation with GPC, to the metro area at large.
  • Providing technical and research skills to assist the Unpacking Manuel’s project, a large scale digital humanities project documenting the history of an Atlanta landmark.
  • A number of projects associated with the Atlanta Studies Network, a broadly interdisciplinary group of researchers, students, and instructors across local institutions with a local audience in mind.