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Signature Experience courses are high-impact educational practices that make learning come alive and provide real-world engagement with course content. More information >

Signature Experience – Awards

The Signature Experience Initiative invites applications from full-time faculty members for the new Signature Experience Course Development Mini-Grant ($1,500) or the new Signature Experience Award ($1,000).

Signature Experience Course Development Mini-Grant
February 1, 2017

  • Supports faculty members adapting existing courses or developing new courses into Signature Experiences.
  • Provides up to $1,500 for course development activities (faculty expenses, course materials, guest speakers, etc.).
  • Applications include CV, course information, plans to sustain the course, Letter of Support from the Department Chair, proposed budget, etc.

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Signature Experience Award
February 15, 2017

  • Recognizes faculty members who effectively incorporate exploratory, hands-on, real-world experiences in their Signature Experience courses.
  • Provides $1,000 in professional development funds.
  • Applications include CV, summary of course offerings/syllabi, sample student materials, student evaluations, names of references, etc.

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With questions, contact the Senior Faculty Associate for Special Programs (Kyle Frantz,, or the Special Programs Coordinator (Cheri Kersey,

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