Part-Time Instructor Pedagogy Award


2023 Award Winner

Chaya Devorah Rosen, PhD, Department of Applied Linguistics

Dr. Chaya Devorah Rosen has worked with the Department of Applied Linguistics first as a Visiting Lecturer and now, for the past three years, as a part-time faculty member. Her class is often the first point of contact for new MA students in Applied Linguistics, and she is described as often going “above and beyond” to work with MA students on their papers and has even been asked by 18 MA students to serve as a reader on their MA committees. Of her teaching, her students say “I wish she was my professor for all my courses!” and “an incredible professor who fosters an environment of true learning and idea exchange.” While serving as a part-time instructor, Dr. Rosen has also created online versions of five courses for Applied Linguistics. We are proud to celebrate Dr. Rosen’s work by designating her the 2023 PTI Teaching Award winner.

Part Time Teaching Award Posthumous Winner: Audrey Ambrosino, PhD, Department of Learning Sciences

Dr. Ambrosino was a part-time instructor of Educational Psychology in the Department of Learning Sciences who passed away in February 2023. She taught part time at GSU for nearly 14 years, and she is remembered by her students as “engaging,” “motivating,” and “always available.” One student writes that Dr. Ambrosino gave students the “opportunity to learn about other cultures and ourselves.” In nominating Dr. Ambrosino for this award, Dr. Ann Kruger, describes Dr. Ambrosino as “a generous colleague, teacher, and friend” who “combined humor and humility with lively critical thinking, always working toward the good.” Dr. Ambrosino’s presence will be sorely missed by the university community she made better through her dedication to teaching and learning, but we are proud to have the opportunity to acknowledge how much we all benefitted from her service with a posthumous PTI Teaching Award.

The Part-Time Instructor Pedagogy Award goes to the part-time instructor who shows dedication to teaching and to the development of student learning.

No “self-nominations” will be considered. Nominations will only be considered from a member of the PTI’s home department administration (chair, associate chair, graduate or undergraduate directors, or someone with a similar role in the department).

Nominees will be considered according to the following criteria:

1. Evidence of teaching effectiveness (as represented by student evaluation numbers, student comments, student scores on rubrics, and/or other measurements of learning)
2. Evidence of innovation (as represented by use of GSU resources, integration of work experience, and/or other non-traditional methods of instruction)
3. Evidence of engagement (as represented by level of interaction with students, focus on class design, quality of feedback, and/or other methods of engaging with students)

If you have questions regarding the nomination process, please contact Jennifer Hall at [email protected]

Previous Winners

2022: Dr. Nyasha Dunkley, Deputy State Climatologist and Part-Time Instructor Geosciences
2021: Clare Van Holm, Religious Studies
2020: Sarah Vogt Klein, Middle and Secondary Education
2019: Dr. Tuba Angay-Crowder, Middle and Secondary Education
2018: William Holland, Instructor, Department of Sociology
2017: Marlena Salters, JD MA, Business and Social Sciences