CETLOE mini-grants support new teaching projects or allow faculty to expand on current projects. Applicants must demonstrate a strong commitment to teaching. Projects should fall into one of three tracks:

  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)
  • General Pedagogy and Teaching Practices
  • High Impact Practices and/or College to Career

Awards are up to $3,500 and can be used for summer support, travel, research supplies, and/or a GRA/GTA line. Faculty who apply, submit:

  • A curriculum vitae
  • Online application. The application consists of three parts:
    1. Brief description of the proposed project and goals (500-600 words max). Include if your project will need IRB support.
    2. How will these funds facilitate the implementation or facilitation of the proposed work? What are your plans to disseminate or share your findings within your department, college, the university or national/international academic community?
    3. How do you propose to use the funds (GRA support, summer support*, supplies, travel etc.) Funds will be transferred to the awardee’s home department after July 1 and must be spent by June 30 of the fiscal year.

*Please note: depending on when the funds are released, they might not be available for summer 2023 support. You can request summer (May or June) 2024 support.

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Submit applications through the application portal.

Direct questions to Ashley Holmes (CETLOE Director) at [email protected].

Mini-grants are awarded once a year.

Applications open March 15. Applications are due by 5 p.m. on May 12.
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Apply for a Mini-Grant 

2023-2024 Mini-Grant Awardees

General Pedagogy and Teaching Practices Awardees

  • M. Shameer Abdeen, D. Smith Doluweera, & Deepak Raghavan CAS)
  • Sarah Clark (CAS)
  • Hamed Laroui (CAS)
  • Jodi Osborn-Ward (PC)
  • Andrea Perez Mukdsi (CAS)
  • Chavez Phillips (CEHD)
  • Brooke Skelton (PC)
  • Elina Stroeva & Hye Mi Kim (CAS)

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Awardees

  • Mehmet Atkas (RCB)
  • Amin Bayat Barroni (CAS)
  • Amanda Ellwanger (PC)
  • Jessica Marcus & Teresa Bates (Lewis)
  • Deborah Shapiro (CEHD)
  • Erica Tracey (CAS)
  • Heather Zimbler-DeLorenzo (PC)

College to Career

  • Ruchi Bhatnagar (CEHD)
  • Jess Jones (COA)
  • Melissa McLeod (CAS)
  • Jewels Morgan (PC)
  • Paulette Reneau (PC)
  • Zachary Saylor (CAS)
  • Lois Schwarze (Lewis)
  • Jennifer Sengin (COA)

General Pedagogy and Teaching Practices Awardees

  • Marci Bennafield, Health Sciences, (Lewis College)
  • Sarah Clark, Neuroscience (CAS)
  • Mark Grinshpon, Yng Li, & Rishi Subedi, Mathematics & Statistics (CAS)
  • Carrie Manning, Political Science (CAS)
  • Victoria Rodrigo, World Languages & Cultures (CAS)
  • Nicholas Sturm, English (CAS)
  • Rajshekar Sunderrman Computer Science (CAS)
  • Hoa Vo, Art & Design, (COTA)
  • Nick Wilding History (CAS)

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Awardees

  • Rasha Ashraf, Finance (RCB)
  • Emmanuel Buteau, World Languages & Cultures (CAS)
  • Shelby Frost, Economics (AYPS)
  • Paulette Reneau, Life & Earth Sciences (Perimeter College)
  • Sutandra Sakar, Mathematics & Statistics (CAS)

College to Career

  • Mary Deal, Film, Media, & Theatre (COTA)
  • Idan Ginsburg and Sumith Dolweera, Physics & Astronomy (CAS)
  • Mathias Guerreiro Aires, World Languages & Cultures (CAS)
  • Kenya Kirkendoll, Nursing (Lewis College)
  • Tamra Ortgies-Young, History & Political Science (Perimeter College)
  • Barbara Robertson and Lauri Goodling, History & Political Science and English (Perimeter College)
  • Veda Storey, Computer Information Systems (RCB)

General Pedagogy and Teaching Practices Awardees

  • Amanda Ellwanger, Cultural & Behavioral Sciences, PC
  • Frank Lee, Management, RCB
  • Jason Braasch, Learning Sciences, CEHD
  • Stephanie Gutzler, Biology, CAS
  • Nickolaus Ortiz, Middle & Secondary Ed., CEHD
  • Ursula Thomas, Cultural & Behavioral Sciences, PC
  • Nancy Gilbert & Rhiannon Evangelista, History & Political Science and English, PC

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Awardees

  • Mindy Stombler, Sociology, CAS
  • Jessica Joyner, Biology, CAS
  • Jessica Waldrop, Management, RCB
  • Kathryn McCarthy & Min Kyu Kim, Learning Sciences, CEHD

College to Careers Awardees

  • Lisa Alembik, Fine Arts, PC
  • Bettina Durant, Fine Arts & Humanities, PC
  • Chamara Kwakye, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, CAS
  • Berkley Baker, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, RCB
  • Deirdre Oakley, Sociology, CAS
  • Cedric Truss, Health Informatics, Lewis College
  • Chivon Mingo, Gerontology, CAS
  • Natalie Stickney, Kinesiology & Health, CEHD
  • Chenyi Zhang, Early Childhood and Elementary Ed, CEHD

General mini-grants

College to Career mini-grants

SoTL awardees mini grants

College to Career mini-grants

Sarah Bridges-Rhoads
Early Childhood and Elementary Education

Olga Glebova
Computer Science

Rachel Gurvitch
Kinesiology & Health

Laura Hastings
Political Science and Global Studies Institute

Cyntoria Johnson
Criminal Justice and Criminology

Awad Mussa
Computer Science

Mindy Stombler

Namisi Chilungu, Laura Meyers, and Catherine Perkins
Educational Psychology, Special Education, and Communication Disorders; Early Childhood and Elementary Education; and Counseling and Psychological Services

Gladys Francis
World Languages & Cultures

Lynda Goodfellow
Byrdine F. Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions

Kevin Hsieh
School of Art & Design

Raul Llorente
World Languages & Cultures

Gilad Rabinovitch and Martin Norgaard
School of Music

Elina Stroeva

Feng Yang
Kinesiology & Health