Available to Perimeter College Faculty Only
The iTeach program provides faculty and students with access to iPads as part of a class setting.

  • iTeach iPads come with a keyboard case and a standard set of apps
  • Additional “free” apps may be added to the iPads by faculty and students. 
  • Additional “pay” apps may be added to the iPads at the faculty and student’s expense.
Faculty or students who are interested in borrowing an iPad for a short period of time may reserve one via Webcheckout. Use the request forms below to initiate a discussion with the ideaSPOT and/or mediaSPOT staff about using iTeach iPads!   ideaSPOT and/or mediaSPOT staff will contact you regarding your request within 5 business days.

Current inventory includes:

iTeach 1-1 iPads:

These iPads can be assigned to specific students to be used for the entire semester.  This option allows students to take the iPads off campus.

iTeach Class Set:
As an alternative, these iPads can be assigned to an instructor for use on-campus only.  This option allows for an instructor to use the iPads with multiple groups of students.

  • It requires that the instructor be responsible for securing the iPads when not in use, charging the iPads, and transporting the iPads to and from class.
  • A limited number of rolling charging cases are available to assist with transporting iPads.

iTeach Class Set with Cart (Dunwoody only):

2 sets of 40 iPad Airs with keyboard case and rolling charging cart are available at Dunwoody campus.  They can be reserved for the entire semester or for specific class dates.  (During registration events at the Dunwoody campus, these sets may be needed to facilitate student registration.)

  • When reserved for the entire semester, the instructor must arrange for a place to store and secure the iPads inside of the charging cart.  The storage location must include power for charging purposes.
  • When reserving for specific class dates, the instructor will need to arrange for delivery and pickup of the cart with ideaSPOT staff.

Inventory is provided on  first come, first served basis.