Graduate Teaching Assistant Pedagogy Award

2023 Award Winner

Gyewon Jang

PhD Candidate, Department of Middle and Secondary Education
Ms. Gyewon Jang will be defending her dissertation for her PhD in the fall semester. She has served as a GTA for five years in both the department of World Language and Culture, teaching Korean 101 and 4300, and in Middle and Secondary Education, helping to redesign and teach the EDCU 2120 course. Ms. Jang’s nominator and department chair, Dr. Gertrude Tinker Sachs, writes “her teaching pinpoints inclusive and equitable education and has yielded strong student learning outcomes by bridging students’ knowledge and practice and providing access to rich learning experiences.” Of her class, one student writes, “your students are lucky to have you as an instructor.” Many of her students comment not only on her helpfulness and openness as an instructor but also on her ability to encourage reflection and personalization of the content. Many comment on her ability to help them reconsider their approach to language instruction and to education in general. We congratulate Ms. Jang on winning the 2023 GTA Teaching Award and wish her luck as she soon completes her defense to become Dr. Jang!

The Graduate Teaching Assistant Pedagogy Award goes to the graduate student who exhibits exceptional work in the classroom and a dedication to improving his or her craft. Each department can nominate only one student.

Nominees will be considered according to the following criteria:

1. Evidence of teaching effectiveness (as represented by student evaluation numbers, student comments, student scores on rubrics, and/or other measurements of learning)
2. Evidence of innovation (as represented by use of GSU resources, integration of work experience, and/or other non-traditional methods of instruction)
3. Evidence of engagement (as represented by level of interaction with students, focus on class design, quality of feedback, and/or other methods of engaging with students)

Instructors cannot “self-nominate.” All instructors must be nominated by representatives from their departments.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jennifer Hall at [email protected]

Previous Winners

2022 – Amit Agarwal, PhD Candidate, Marketing
2021 – Shelby Anderson Badbade, Anthropology
2020 – Macie Orrand, Anthrpology
2019 – Bailey Fairbanks, PhD Student, Department of Political Science
2018 – Samantha Emerson, PhD Student, Department of Psychology and Peter Nennig, MA Student, Department of Philosophy
2017 – Stephen Skalicky, PhD Student, Applied Linguistics