Digital Literacy Initiative

The Digital Literacy Initiative was created in partnership with the Honors College. Faculty participating in the initiative are asked to reexamine their courses to incorporate digital literacy components that are specific to their fields, with the aim of helping students’ think digitally and develop skills vital to succeeding in their professions and in post-graduate studies. Participating faculty receive:

  • Digital Tools: Access to digital literacy initiative tools, such as student laptops for checkout, with course-specific software.
  • Development Assistance: Assistance developing course materials from staff at the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning and students in the Student Innovation Fellowship program.
  • Community of Support: Support from a community of participating peers and instructional support.

To find out more about the tools available through this initiative or to get more information about the fellowship, email the CETL at

Fall 2016 Participants
Sutandra Sarkar – Mathematics
Jeremy Thomas Brazas – Mathematics
Sarah Cook – Psychology
Michael Clinton Evans – Political Science
Matthew Grober – Biology
Susan Willey – Risk Management
Daniel Marshall – English
Laurah Norton – English
Jody Brooks – English
Robin Wharton – English
Brennan Collins – English
Jeffrey Young – History
Mary Rolinson – History
Hector Fernandez – World Languages and Cultures