College to Careers

CETL is partnering with the Office of the Vice Provost and Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness to support the College to Careers campus-wide initiative.

The goal of College to Careers (CTC) is for faculty and staff to provide students with opportunities to identify, reflect upon, and document the career competencies they learn in and out of the classroom as a way to support their success after graduation.

The NACE competencies serve as the framework for instructors as they guide their students in becoming aware of, making connections to, and demonstrating their understanding of various career competencies. For more information on the NACE (National Associate of Colleges and Employers), see their website.

More Information

  • Check the CETL website and newsletter for CETL CTC updates and plans
  • For specific questions regarding the QEP (including assessment), please contact Dr. Angela Christie at



Open to faculty on all GSU campuses, CTC mini-grants are offered for up to $3500. Recipients will be responsible for implementing course assignments that demonstrate career competencies.

Teaching Fellowships

One to two CTC fellowships will be available for instructors teaching on the downtown campus, and one to two for instructors teaching on the Perimeter College campuses.


Training Workshops

We will be offering CTC workshops on a variety of topics every semester. To see the current workshops please see the CETL workshop schedule.

Portfolium Support

Instructors are encouraged to have their students upload final assignments to a Portfolium account. Learn how to integrate Portfolium into your iCollege course page:

Teaching & Learning Communitites

The CETL offers CTC workshops on a variety of topics every semester, and hosts a CTC Faculty-TaLC every academic year to support instructors who want to develop CTC resources from start to finish. To see the current workshops please see the CETL workshop schedule.