Faculty Teaching & Learning Communities

Join a CETLOE Faculty Teaching & Learning Community (TaLC) to meet faculty with similar interests and participate at the forefront of educational discussion at the university. TaLC members will jointly develop community goals and will meet virtually during the 2023-24 academic year.

Fall 2023 Faculty TaLC

Improving Student Learning with Ethnically and Culturally Diverse Datasets

Facilitated by Frank Lee

This TaLC aims to discuss and share ideas on
1) How to create, utilize, and share the ethnically and culturally diverse datasets that accurately describe Georgia State University (GSU) and its surrounding communities,
2) How to improve student learning at Georgia State University with a shared domain of interest, and
3) How to analyze data to help GSU and metro Atlanta communities understand the complex community challenges and develop practical solutions.


Crafting Interactive Learning: Building Choose Your Own Adventure Games with Qualtrics

Facilitated by Kat Albrecht and Ellen Ballard

Engage your students like never before by learning how to design captivating Choose Your Own Adventure games and interactive experiences using the powerful Qualtrics platform. This hands-on Faculty TALC is designed to equip educators, instructional designers, and content creators with the skills needed to create immersive and interactive learning experiences that counteract the allure of AI chatbots and empower students to make decisions and shape their own educational journey.


Interdisciplinary STEM-based Teaching and Learning Community

Facilitated by Emily Blalock

This interdisciplinary teaching and learning community (TaLC) aims to improve post-pandemic student success and engagement in STEM classes at Perimeter College. We will meet monthly for a “lunch and learn” to share active learning experiences in STEM classrooms, methodologies, strategies and/or practices used. From the information shared at these meetings, repositories of supplies and activity guides will be constructed on multiple Perimeter campuses, which will provide faculty with the tools they need to easily add these activities to their classrooms.


Embracing the Paradox–Teaching with and against AI

Facilitated by Facilitated Michelle Kassorla

Through this Faculty-TaLC, we will create a dynamic, interdisciplinary community that drives forward the conversation on the role of generative AI tools in college instruction, and ultimately, enhances the learning experiences and outcomes for our faculty and students at Georgia State University.


Large Enrollment Courses

Facilitated by Tori Johnson

This TALC will explore best practices for course development, scaling assessments, and classroom management in large enrollment courses. Join a supportive community of interested faculty who are committed to improving teaching effectiveness in large sections. Participants will discuss common issues, share pedagogical strategies and techniques, and discover fresh new ideas.


Beginner’s Guide to SoTL – From Idea to Impact

Facilitated by Rachel Gurvitch

Enter the world of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), a dynamic realm that empowers us to elevate our pedagogical practices through the lens of research. Our shared aim in this TaLC is to grasp the essence of SoTL – to explore its foundations and understand the core components of a compelling SoTL research question; to navigate the principles of Institutional Review Board (IRB) considerations for SoTL research, and to craft a robust SoTL study that aligns with specific research question.


SoTL Advancement and Writing Cohort – From Insight to Influence

Facilitated by Rachel Gurvitch

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Writing Cohort TaLC’s goal is simple – we want to help you make your SoTL project even better and turn it into something that other teachers and researchers will find valuable. Our group is for teachers who are already familiar with SoTL. We’ll work together, share our ideas, and help each other reach our goals. As a participant, you will share your current project and what is your SoTL goal (i.e. publication, presentation). We will use our combined knowledge and experience to make your project the best it can be and help it reach more people.


Simulcast: Creating an Enriched Learning Experience

Facilitated by Jacobus Boers

In simulcast modality, some students are with you and others somewhere else, in one or multiple locations. Simulcast offers potential flexibility in the use of time, space, and resources for students, faculty as well as the university. This interdisciplinary TaLC will explore topics such as:
1) Managing a class that is physically disconnected while technologically connected,
2) Strategies to actively engage all students during class sessions and in online activities,
3) Creating a community of learners through effective group work.